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  1. In App Microsoft Exchange Support

    I can't speak for any industry outside of the Canadian Oil & Gas Industry, but for the entirety of the industry every one of the companies runs their email/contacts through Microsoft Exchange. A lot of companies like mine are moving away from PC Systems and going to Tablets for field personnel for emails. I use Base CRM strictly from a Tablet, which is in place of the usual sales laptop. Is it possible to get in app Exchange integration? All of my contacts, emails, calendar events all run through exchange and my system isn't setup for IMAP so I can't…

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    started  ·  support-team responded

    Hi Ross!

    Thanks a lot for using Base and for sending this feedback our way!

    We released Exchange Contacts sync feature last month. You can read more about how to integrate Contacts with Exchange here: https://support.getbase.com/hc/en-us/articles/204337395-How-do-I-integrate-my-Contacts-with-Exchange-.

    We are also planning on releasing Exchange Calendar integration later this year. but it is not something We have a solid ETA on at the moment.

    Syncing Exchange Mail is currently available through IMAP protocol. IMAP protocol is disabled by default on most of Exchange configurations. It can, however, be enabled by server admin. While we can see how direct Exchange integration would be useful, this is not a feature that we’ll be able to add in the near future.

    Best Regards,
    Base Support Team

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