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Ambassador or Affiliates Program

Hi, I want to know if you have some sort of ambassadors or affiliates program. We are consultants and we organize and teach courses for businesspeople and entrepreneurs.

We want to teach people how to use Base because 1) we love it and 2) people here are struggling for a method to track their sales. You know: they use notebooks, post-its and all sort of "CRM" but none of them work because it is really difficult to keep track of all contacts and deals using rudimentary tools.

We believe this could benefit you because 1) more people will purcharse Base accounts for their businesses, and 2) one of the main reasons people do not keep using some CRMs is because the learning curve can be very difficult to follow, so they desert. So, we will teach them how to use Base in their own businesses and you will have more loyal customers who cannot leave Base in the long term, not because they couldn't but because they will not wish that.

I am a former Prezi Ambassador, and Prezi offered me some sort of support, material, courses and online content for me to help me to teach others how to use Prezi. And I believe we could benefit from this kind of program with you too.


-Mario De La Peña
CEET Business School

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Hi Mario!

Thanks for reaching out! Thanks for the awesome feedback! That is definitely awesome that 1) you love base :) 2) you’re looking to teach people how to use Base! I definitely think Base can benefit from this.

We have a Base Partners program that I think is what you may be looking for. You can check out the site here:

You can also reach out to and a colleague of mine will reach out with more information.

Per usual, you can also check out our support help center at and our video training guides at for any training guides.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any other questions.



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